Catch up on the latest Beyond virtual updates, how to’s, and brush up on your conversational AI terminology

We’ve introduced the long-awaited teacher dashboard and class management system to support teachers and lecturers. Here’s how it looks and works
Can AI-powered virtual humans help students learn how to learn? This was the focus of a recent research project – and the findings were substantial.
A new exercise called The Unheard, built by Beyond Virtual, enables learners to listen to a short story or article – then, to test their knowledge about it. What are the exercise’ advantages?
Meeting the minister; Helping students study how to study; Learning in context in an immersive room; And steppin’ up. June highlights
A pilot conducted with the Israeli Ministry of Education showed a huge confidence boost among students who practiced with Beyond Virtual
We’ve teamed up with Sapir – Israel’s biggest public college – to see how our virtual humans can help their students improve their spoken English skills
Our technology assists students with SEL (social-emotional learning) through English. Here you can read about our methodology, and the SEL skills we help to improve.
How do you make a voice skill, coming out of a smart speaker, feel human? In the latest Taking Turns episode, Ilarna Nche joins us to share her experience.
How will we get to the point of conversing with a digital human on the same level as we do with one another? Well, with cocohubs’ new emotionally intelligent avatars we are now one step closer.