5 Benefits of having a conversational bot

5 Benefits of having a conversational bot
5 Benefits of having a conversational bot

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Eran Soroka

A whole range of examples come to mind when people think of chatbots (not all of them are positive, we know). We believe in bots that offer a humanlike experience, with all the benefits of conversational AI.

What are some of the benefits of adding a conversational bot to your business?

1. They are your brand ambassadors

A conversational bot will have a name, a face, and a character you provide. All of these characteristics will be in line with your business’ tone, voice, and personality. You can have the bot reflect your company’s culture, values, and language – and give your business an identity that your customers can relate to.

Pro Tip: Give your bot a name, and make sure your bot can explain and talk about it. It’s the humanlike (and fun) thing to do, showing that your bot isn’t a fancy IVR system.

2. They communicate in a humanlike way

A conversational bot will talk to your clients. It seems simple, but it’s crucial. It will not offer a dropdown menu or buttons. Why? That’s not the way human conversations work. Instead, a conversational bot will speak with your clients in a humanlike manner, without limiting the conversations to a closed menu. We want your clients to enjoy a free-flowing conversation. When it doesn’t know something, it will admit it and even tell a joke – if you provide it with the materials, of course (It doesn’t do improv yet).

3. They are available 24/7

A conversational bot, unlike a human representative, doesn’t need to take a coffee break (Or any other break, for that matter). The bot is simply there for your clients whenever they need it. The bot can provide answers, schedule meetings or collect information from contact potential customers at any time – without losing a call or inquiry, even when a human can’t be reached.
Talking to a chatbot

4. They provide consistent answers

A conversational bot can always provide the exact answer you want your client to receive. In other words, you control the customers’ journey and experience. Bots don’t have bad days or forget the core values you want to emphasize. They are just there for your customers.

5. They help you gain insights and collect data

A conversational bot remembers the conversation it’s having. That means you have a record of all the conversations your customers have with the bot, in one place.

That includes for example, the questions the bot asks, their information and email addresses or what they were looking for in your shop.

Any information provided during the conversation can also be collected and stored in a repository of your preference (spreadsheets, databases etc.). This means that you’ll be able to understand your clients better, see data updated in real time and analyze it appropriately.

Where do we go from here?

Once you realize your business needs a bot, all you need to do is to start creating it on cocohub. You’ll start with the personality, move on to connect a component to the bot’s brain and then decide where you want your clients to meet your bot – video, voice or chat.