6 use cases for chatbots on Zoom calls: your new marketing strategy

zoom bots for marketing
zoom bots for marketing

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Eran Soroka

In 2020, one of the biggest buzzwords – following a year that was defined by the first modern-era worldwide pandemic – is “The New Normal”. So, well, here’s part of this new normal: online meetings and conferences are here to stay. Sure, it does have its deficiencies. But with so many people in quarantine, lockdown and under travel restrictions, it has become the easiest way to do business, or to keep everybody in the loop. So now that the Zoom, Meet, Hangouts, Teams or other group meetings became a large part of our workday routines, please allow us at CoCoHub to present a newest addition to the new normal: havine chatbots on Zoom calls on our marketplace.

Yeah, you heard it correctly. Starting this week, CoCoHub is not only an easy, intuitive way to create your own chatbot even if you’ve never created one before; You can also have your chatbot represent you, or your company, on Zoom calls.

What is it good for? Oh, glad you asked. Here are 6 use cases for chatbots on Zoom calls that will help your business grow, internally and externally.

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1. Be Innovative

Every business had to go through some kind of digital transformation in 2020. If it was only offline, it had to establish an online presence. If you already had one, you had to bolster it to withstand the volume of calls or emails from your customers – which, in most cases, couldn’t be physically present at the store or market. And so, 2020 became the year of the Chatbot. As marketing maven Maciej Maliszewski told us: “The traffic in our chatbots sometimes grew by hundreds of percent week to week. That was a game changer”.

Then, how can you go one step further than having a chatbot? By having a digital avatar as your chatbot, obviously. Having a human-like experience presented on sales calls with humans is great for your company’s branding as innovative, inventive, original, out-of-the-box thinkers. 

2. Create a brand ambassador

Humans can be unpredictable. One day you’re hiring a talent to represent your company, and before you know it the talent is saying something controversial and your whole strategy has gone down the drain. We’re not ideologically against having human presenters, of course. However, think about a talent you can create, customize, control and deploy without contracts, agents, entourages and hours of commercial shooting. It doesn’t even have to replace a person; Many companies around the world paired a talent with a fictional digital figure.

An avatar connected to your chatbot will be a new breed of digital ambassador. Call them to join you and give your pitch, for example (for a certain company, the result was winning a lucrative competition – just sayin’). The chatbot will wear your company’s logo, will have your branded background. Most importantly, it can go beyond what a human can or can’t say – from heaping praise on you, your crew or the company, to be a diva-like personality that can’t get out of home without using/wearing your product. The possibilities are limitless.

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3. Meet your new personal assistant 

Every manager has a person she or he can trust – a secretary, a personal assistant, etc. Again, we’re not suggesting to replace them; we just say that instead of wasting their time waiting on the line, chatbots on zoom can function as your personal aides. They can run presentations, play videos or pictures, speak on your behalf, etc. The chatbot is also never late, so traffic jams, malfunctioning alarm clocks and other problems won’t stop it from showing up exactly when needed.

4. One of us!

Do you need to spice up your meetings, board gatherings or daily briefings? Consider giving this mundane task to your chatbot. A chatbot on zoom every morning can make people smile in a way that not every human can. It can be wilder or more entertaining. It doesn’t hold any grudge. And it can naturally push for agendas that involve digital transformation. It is, simply, another employee in your company.

Looking to onboard a new employee? No problem, you can use the chatbot for all kinds of information gathering, enrolling with tutorials, basic training, teaching them about your company and benefits. Obviously human touch is essential here, we know. But let’s spare your HR people the “staring at the employee filling out a 4-pages form” part. And you get all the details as an output, ready to be uploaded and integrated to your database.

5. Customer Service Representative

“Hello, thanks for calling us. You will be assisted shortly” – we’re all grown-ups and understand that “shortly” is a subjective definition, right? Companies using chatbots already spare up to 80% of FAQs and common problems from drained call center workers. So imagine taking it to the next level and having a human-like chatbot walk the user through solving a technical problem, getting started with a new device or giving guidance on how to use a new product. It can all be done with a chatbot. And the experience can be even better than chatting by phone with a human representative.

6. Healthcare use cases

Creating empathy in a chatbot can be a tall order – while still possible, as Dutch conversation designer Geertina Hamstra’s story will prove – but having an animated avatar can make it much easier. So, in the days of “personally tailored healthcare”, a chatbot can reach a level of personalization that other ways of machine-generated interaction cannot.

Physicians and doctors all over the world are exhausted these days. Meanwhile, chatbots can’t perform a surgery or touch your hand, but they are able to build trust and empathy. This is essential in proactive treatments, like reminding patients to take their medicines or perform daily checkups. Especially for kids, but for lonely and elder people as well, a human-like conversational experience can ease the treatment. And like all aforementioned use cases, it can be created – and deployed – in our marketplace.

So, did you like the chatbots on Zoom idea? Ready to create your first avatar? Contact us at eran@a-i.com to request a demo – and get the ball rolling!