Booking bot: How to create a chatbot that books appointments for you?

booking bot - create a phone bot that schedule meetings for you
booking bot - create a phone bot that schedule meetings for you

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Eran Soroka

With more means of communication today than ever before, availability has become an issue. People can reach you immediately on phone, SMS or other textual messaging apps, on social media – or just send an email. However, one problem is that the amount of time during a day hasn’t changed: Those are still the same 24 hours we had before. So how can we manage our time, answer every phone call and book our appointments and meetings, more efficiently? Meet the booking bot, your new tool for phone calls.

Why use a booking bot? Take, for example, one of our users from New Zealand – who contacted us several months ago. Claiming that patients are flooding him with phone calls, he said that a booking bot will be perfect for him. So, of course, we extended our (virtual) hand to the other side of the world – and helped him out with a phone-based virtual receptionist.

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Never miss an opportunity, be available 24/7

Sure, being a hot commodity is great, but it also makes things complicated. For example, when people want to schedule appointments with you, just to find you unavailable – or sleeping, or in another timezone – and eventually turn to someone else. So we can agree that you don’t want that to happen, right? Here, a booking bot can see when the customer – a current one or a future one – can meet you, and schedule the appointment accordingly. Whether it’s a chatbot for appointment booking for your clinic, your hair salon, or your studio – we can help.

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Adapt quickly to changes

The world is dynamic, and your calendar can fill up quickly. However, with the booking bot that’s connected to your calendar, your clients will be able to find easily when you’re available for them – even if your schedule is crazy and changes from one day to the next. Actually, that’s why those virtual assistants are so useful and valuable.

Give the machine a human touch

Remember the famous answering machine from Seinfeld? Thanks to the wonders of the streaming services and YouTube, people today can enjoy this hilarious skit over and over again. 

Nowadays, basically, nobody uses THAT service. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t give a booking chatbot your personal tone and voice. So your phone-based booking bot can use your own way of speaking, your own terminology, highlight your advantages, and give a special, personalized greeting, once the appointment was scheduled. 

Automate, and enjoy the ride

Even if you’re available to schedule a meeting, usually you can’t speak it with more than one person simultaneously. On the other hand, your appointment booking chatbot can handle multitudes of phone calls at the same moment. So, remember when you said that you wish you could multiply yourself? Actually, using the appointment scheduling bot, this is as close as it gets. 

Answer any question

Imagine that your appointment scheduling chatbot can not only do this task; In addition, this virtual assistant can also answer frequently asked questions about you or your business from your callers. With cocohub, you can be prepared for everything – using our large variety of machine-learning-powered intents. Just choose the intents you need – opening hours, the services you offer, location, policies – and write the answers once. From there and on, your booking chatbot will handle the rest.


Creating a booking bot for yourself or for your business, or a doctor appointment bot that can function as a virtual receptionist for your clinic, can be very easy. This virtual assistant can be useful when people call your phone. Alternatively, it can also use text messages, talk with your customers on Facebook or even let them chat with your own avatar on a Zoom, Meet, or a Facetime call. So on you can create your conversational booking chatbot, then deploy it on multiple channels. All of that, without having to recreate everything from scratch. 

No complicated integrations

We understand that implementing a CRM platform can take time and be a headache. So, we avoided that: our appointment scheduling bot is connecting automatically to your Google calendar. It can schedule the meeting for you – and can send your client a reminder immediately as well. 

So, how do you start? Just click here – fill in a few fields, and your booking bot can be ready in minutes. Come give it a try.