Build your first bot: Two events in one day!

Build your first bot workshop
Build your first bot workshop

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Eran Soroka

Following a digital summer camp for 6th-graders to 10th-graders earlier this month, we now offer a free bot-building workshop for everyone this Wednesday, August 18. No 10 o’clock buns and chocolate, but, you know, you can handle that. 

The bot-building workshop will be free and recorded. To sign up for it, just choose one of the times – all in Israel time – and register via Zoom.

Morning session, 9:00-10:30 – Register here

Evening session, 20:30-22:00 – Register here


This bot building workshop, specifically, was born out of dozens of requests from people in the Innovation in Education Facebook Community. Therefore, it will revolve mainly around the use of chatbots in education. First, we’ll see how to create educational skills. Then, we’ll be using them for measurement of the students’ performance. Finally, we’ll get the generated information integrated into various databases and spreadsheets. Nevertheless, this bot-building workshop is open for people from other fields as well. The tools shown and given will be easy to implement for other professions.

The platform for building will be, a no-code bot building platform, for video, voice, and textual chatbots. By simply connecting conversational components that accomplish a wide range of goals, we spare most of the technical work. Here, we believe in enabling our users to create bots, including educational skills and tools, with a humanlike experience. 

Nowadays, is already involved in several large-scale projects, both locally in Israel and abroad, in the USA and in the Far East. Being adopted quickly by students in more than 600 schools and colleges all over the world, this is also a great tool for learning computational thinking. For more information, feel free to reach out by email –

Can’t wait? Want to see our first tutorial on how to create the bot’s personality? Click here