Can the travel industry recover with conversational AI?

Conversational AI with travel
Conversational AI with travel

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Eran Soroka

The 21st century saw travel becoming more prevalent than ever before. The multitude of options available, from luxury suites to travelers’ hostels, from Airbnb apartments to camping beaches, accompanied by better roads infrastructure and low-cost flights, enabled billions of people to travel each year, enjoying the time of their lives while sharing their experiences on social media.

Then the Coronavirus came, and almost all of this came to a halt.

Travel, unfortunately, was also a major cause of the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. People travelling from the first epicenter in China around the world, meeting local people who also traveled to other countries while unaware that they’d contracted the virus, made it a global pandemic with more than 6 million people officially sick, and hundreds of thousands victims, as of the end of May. Governments trying to get a grasp on the spread closed their borders and ordered lock-downs upon their citizens, making the world’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Times Square, the London Eye and Eiffel Tower, eerily quiet and deserted, like a scene from a creeping sci-fi movie. 

Now, as some countries are slowly recovering from the pandemic and trying to re-ignite their economy and open their borders, the travel industry – in dire need of major adaptations of its own to address safety issues – is desperate for a life line. Since Chatbots are a known way to improve conversions and engage your audience, that’s where automation – and specifically our marketplace of Conversational Components – can come in handy.

That’s how our Room Reservation Component works – click here to test it.

Room Reservation CoCo

Our newest component is tailor-made for hotels, motels, airbnbs and any other facility offering hospitality. While a lot of the workers are still home since the market’s revenue took a major hit – there are estimates of 100 million people who’ll lose their jobs – automation can take a lot of burden off the understaffed call centers and expand your hours of service to make it 24/7. 

The Room Res CoCo can gather key information from potential guests on text or voice – information such as number of rooms, availability and even breakfast options.

This component can be connected to your current CRM service and to the rooms availability database, and if there are problems with finding the suitable solution, a human representative will be called immediately to solve the problem.

CoCo Telephone Number & CoCo Login

Want to have only the customers’ telephone number or email address to get in touch with them? Those components will get it for you.

CoCo Survey

Are you contemplating the options with a new breakfast menu? Wondering what new initiative is most appealing to your audience? You can give your customers an opportunity to have their say. 

Survey Components are adaptable, so no matter if you want to ask your audience if they prefer an apricot or a strawberry jam added to the breakfast, or would they have a 4th night for free, a 20% discount on all reservations or a free city tour guide as a bonus – you can have it your way.

CoCo Complainer

While we all wish that this one will be never used, we are still humans and mistakes can happen. So if a customer wants to file a complaint, this component can make sure that his/her voice is heard; And that the matter will be directed promptly to the people responsible for solving it on the hotel staff.

CoCo Customizable FAQ

When is check-in or check-out time? Is there an accessible entrance? Can somebody book a room only for a few hours during day time? What is the cancellation policy? Is there a special discount for students or the elderly people? Am I allowed to have my pets in the room?

We’re sure that your customers have a lot of questions that can be answered automatically without bothering your people. This component is able to answer whatever relevant questions you may find suitable.

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