We make your life easier. Use the world’s largest library of Conversational Components (cocos) to create a modular, customizable conversation flow.

Cocos are goal-oriented, building blocks of a conversation. You can connect them on ourthe builder to create a full conversational flow. CoCcos can collect your user’s name, schedule appointments, answer FAQ’s about your product, connect to your API – and a wide range of other goals.

Your bot needs to comprehend, fully, what the user means. Use our one of a kind, extensive list of intents, covering the most popular cases in human-to-human, human-to-computer and customer-to-business interactions. In case you don’t find the intent you’re looking for – simply create your own!
The intents are customizable, reusable and broad. You and your team can tailor them to your needs, add or subtract content so that it fits local or cultural sensibilities.

Choose a template best suited to your business’s needs, fill in a form – and your bot will be ready in no time.

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