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Create a Quiz

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Jessica Setbon

Quizzes, tests, and exams are currently the most crucial form of data collection when it comes to teaching and assessing your student’s knowledge. As the field of education has expanded over decades, new technologies have come into play to assist teachers and professors with marking and testing. Oftentimes this comes in the form of impersonal and inefficient computer-generated and computer-marked tests. However, with Beyond’s virtual humans you can now create a quiz fit for all learning styles and environments.

Place yourself back in the classroom, minutes before the exam comes your way. You are alone at a table unable to access knowledge resources, forbidden to talk or confer with your peers. The only sound in the room is that of a ticking clock and the occasional “shhhhh.” Your palms may be sweating, your mind is racing, perhaps you may even have trouble catching your breath. Essentially a stress-inducing environment that is a far outcry from any likely workplace conditions that you will find yourself in post graduation.

So now you may be asking yourself why or how did this form of testing ever come to be? Well, as classrooms got larger and teachers got busier computer-testing, and computer-marked multiple-choice exams became a necessity. Without any other tech on the horizon, we were stuck in the dark days of testing. Luckily, we now see a light. With the availability of virtual humans at our literal fingertips, we can create a quiz that tests our students in an individual, personalized way. 

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What Does this Future of Testing Look Like?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we live in a contemporary age of smartphones and constant connectivity. So, why then do we still see the necessity of simple regurgitation of memorized information? Not only that but also without access to resources that will undoubtedly be available to them in any other legitimate setting. Once a student graduates and moves into the workforce they must learn a whole new set of skills. Such as how to communicate with others to reach a common goal. Or how to find the information necessary to answer the questions at hand.

So this is where virtual humans come into play. Without the ability of an institute of learning to hire thousands of workers to individually test students in a very time-consuming manner, a single virtual human can do just that. With a human-like visual representation and even a personality, Beyond’s virtual humans are completely conversational and easy to create without ever needing to write code.

Now, place yourself back in that classroom about to take your exam. Only, instead of being in the classroom, you are in the comfort of your own home… and instead of being told to hush, you have Alexa playing your favorite band in the background… and instead of filling in a circle where the options of A or C are so similar that it’s just a question of luck at this point you are working through the questions one-at-a-time through an interactive conversation at a pace that works for you.

Who Might This Affect?

Envision the repercussions of such a technology. This type of oral testing allows students a higher level of mastery of any given subject. It enables proficiency in a topic as opposed to simple regurgitation of memorized materials. This form of testing can also lend itself to various applications. As it allows students to exercise their learned knowledge and sharpen their problem-solving skills. This conversational human also allows students with neuro divergences including, but not limited to:

  • Dyslexia
  • Aspergers
  • ADHD
  • Tourettes
  • Anxiety 

access to a more comfortable testing environment. As society shifts into understanding how the brain operates it is time for our testing procedures to shift as well. 

So, let’s backtrack for a moment here. We understand that current methods of testing are outdated. We also understand that there is no reason to force students to simply regurgitate memorized information without any access to books, computers, or their peers. As well there is no logic in forcing students into extreme settings that trigger their anxiety and thereby affect their test results. So how is it that we prove mastery of knowledge and skill? The answer is simple, we create a quiz with Beyond Virtual’s virtual human.

There is no more a need for imagining this reality as your ability to create said virtual human is here. Imagine all of the possibilities. Testing that is now fit for people of all abilities, fit for all spaces, and fit for all subjects. With Beyond Virtual’s platform, you have at your fingertips the ability to build a test fit for all types of learners. A test that is far more personal and interactive than any type of testing we have seen in the past hundreds of years.

Find that intriguing yet? Build your own virtual human today. Or read more about how to write your own virtual human and create a quiz here.