Is your product working now? How can I become your customer?

Yes. Contact our CMO Eran here or our CEO Gil here

How much does it cost to open an account on your platform?

It’s free. And once you log in, you can have some free video time for testing as well.

What’s your pricing plans?

For schools and universities, the price is between 2-3$/month per student. For companies and corporations, between 5-8$/month per employee. It depends on the work needed from our side.

Are you limited to the education and learning market?

We’re focusing on the EdTech market nowadays, but the platform is open for other uses as well. Feel free to contact us here and we’ll see how we can help.

What language are you supporting?

For video and phone calls, currently English, but more languages will be added soon. Textually we support over 125 languages right now.

Can I use my own content with your virtual humans?

Yes. You can see the tutorials for creating a quiz here, and for using the knowledge base here. We’re working on new templates and ways to automate content creation.

Can I integrate your platform with Learning Management Systems like Moodle, Canvas etc?

Yes, the platform can use external APIs both for data collection and for exporting data.

Can I create or import my own avatar to your platform?

Currently, we give a choice of 12 avatars (different looks, ages, etc) and 13 voices (British/American, young/mature, etc). We plan on enabling more flexibility soon, in this regard.

What do you enable in terms of channel integrations?

Our virtual humans are available on web and mobile interfaces, can be embedded on websites and apps, and can be invited to Zoom, Google Meet and FaceTime. If you prefer a phone bot we can do it too via Twilio or Audiocodes, and we’re also available on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (Business plans), Telegram or on websites.

Can I connect your avatars to ChatGPT?

Yes, you can use their API and do it.

Do you record the video calls?

No, for privacy reasons. We do transcribe anything that’s being said during the conversation, and you can review it in the logs tab. If needed, you can invite a virtual human to Zoom/Meet and record the conversation there, or just do a screen recording when using your phone, tablet or computer.

What happened to cocohub.ai?

Beyond Virtual, owned by entrepreneur and businessman Amit Bohensky, purchased the IP of cocohub.ai, and some of the people continued from the previous iteration.