Learning with cocohub: Why our platform is ideal for the education sector 

learning with cocohub - illustration
learning with cocohub - illustration

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Eran Soroka

There are few more important things in life than education. We start learning on the day we’re born, and keep doing it every day of our lives. That’s why education matters to us as well, at cocohub. Making technology accessible for everybody is, first and foremost, education. So it’s not surprising that we’re gaining a huge amount of traction in the EdTech field – from governmental institutions to schools, teachers, and students. They use the platform to create various use cases, which we elaborated on in a separate post.

Winning the Global Edtech Startup Awards semifinals, we were happy to see that the industry acknowledges our potential as an educational tool. And after having teachers, students, and instructors from more than 1,200 schools, colleges and universities all over the world, logging in only over the last several months – we understood that there are lots of interesting points to discuss.

What types of learning does cocohub enable?

With cocohub’s bot building platform, we can take the best practices from the conversation design onto education, which means – 

  • Personalized learning: To begin with, the teachers know their students best – so they can create their conversational flow. Inside the specific flow, the bot can adapt to the student’s level of understanding, to right or wrong answers, etc.
  • Mobile Learning: The bots are available where the students already have a presence – on WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Zoom, Google Meet, and Facetime. They can practice and rehearse the material on the go – whenever and wherever they want.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: All of our lives, we learn through interactions and conversations. With conversational bots, a student can’t only practice school material but also create a virtual companion for social interactions.
  • Computational Thinking: Building bots involves principles of computational thinking – decomposition (breaking down a complex use case into smaller components), pattern recognition (looking for similarities among, and within, problems – customizing and reusing components); abstraction (focusing only on important information, that’s relevant for the conversation); and algorithmic thinking (developing a step-by-step solution to the problem)

Who is our target audience? 

We’re serving the Education market in 3 levels: the teacher, the principal, and the district. The teacher can create independently a learning assistant for the students, the principal can implement it into the school curriculum as a separate course or as part of a wider project, and at the district level, bots can also collect lots of data in a short time, and integrate it into the systems. We’re also a great tool for the students themselves, to create learning assistants and virtual companions.

Do we think that bots can replace teachers? 

No. Generally, we don’t believe that bots should replace humans. But written by humans, they can automate, enrich, save time and resources and be an online extension of a teacher. They can be there 24/7 for their students, in a way a human can never be.

Do we believe that teachers will write bots? 

First of all, we know about teachers who already did – mainly to teach English or other topics, but also some for school-wide needs. We also enable sharing bots among learning communities. The power of cocohub is that it encourages adaptive learning – teachers can use it for their students, their needs, their materials. Nevertheless, in the upcoming future, we’ll create some basic templates that will furtherly simplify the bot-building process.

Are you an ed-tech startup?

We’re a startup that helps users to build a conversational bot, in a way that’s easy and intuitive; we also provide a wide range of solutions for the education sector. As mentioned before, we’ve seen thousands of students, teachers, and instructors logging in and building their bots with us. For creating engaging, customizable conversational content for students online, we believe that we have a unique solution. Learning with cocohub is fun and engaging.

Similarly, with the same tools, our platform can be useful for verticals such as e-commerce, healthcare, HR, sports-tech, real estate – and just about anything else. If you can conversationally achieve a goal – you can build it with cocohub.

What languages do you support?

In voice and video, we have support for 20 main languages; Textually, we support more than 120 languages. For more details on specific languages, contact us.

Do you plan to create pedagogical content?

We’re not educators, and we don’t create specific content. However, we embrace partners who have the pedagogical know-how and look for a platform to accommodate and create their conversational experiences with. If you are special people of that kind, let us know and email us: contact@a-i.com

Great. So, where can I download your one-pager?

You can do it here. Good luck! We’ll be excited to accompany you on your journey.