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Technical Questions​

Below you will find the answer to the technical question we get asked the most.
Your Virtual Human
1. What is the virtual human’s brain?
This is the engine that fuels the conversation and represents everything your virtual human can do. It contains all of the content to drive the conversation forward and can contain anything you want it to from work-related information to personal thoughts. For example, it can contain information about your virtual human’s favorite place to travel or how many employees your business has.
2. Can I customize my virtual human?
Of course! That’s what our platform is all about! The cocohub platform enables you to build your own virtual human using all of your own content.
3. Where can I create the content?

Your virtual human has three levels to their personality and you can add information/ content into each separate level. You have the builder/skills, the personality, and the knowledge sections. You can read about each of these sections below, or learn more about building your virtual human’s personality here.

4. How do I use the builder?

The bot’s building logic is pretty simple: “Say” is what the bot says, “Navigation” is where your virtual human waits for different responses from your user or customer and reacts accordingly. Learn more about it here.

5. What is the knowledge?

All the things that your virtual human already “knows” and will be able to answer at any point of the conversation. For example, if you’re a business, it’s information about the opening hours, locations, payment methods, etc. If you’re a teacher, it can contain information about your courses, ways to reach you, and hours of availability. Read more here.

6. What is the personality?
The personality allows your virtual human to continue a natural conversational flow if the user asks something off-topic. You can write as many items into the personality as you like, including profession, hobbies, marital status, age, and any characteristics you can think of. Have fun with it.
7. What kind of templates are available?
Currently, we have three templates available; the “receptionist” can schedule meetings for you, the “teacher” can administer a quiz, and the “friend” can converse. Stayed tuned, as new templates are always in the works.

8. Can one virtual human do many tasks?

Of course! You can combine different components within one brain.

9. Can I store the data in a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can integrate it into spreadsheets. Read more here.

10. Do you use your own NLP algorithms?

We use state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms, and give it our own secret sauce.

1. What is the difference between an emotionally intelligent avatar and an animated one?

The emotionally intelligent avatars are more advanced than the previous model. They have a far more human-like appearance with the ability to move the “muscles” of their face to express emotions like a human. They will also react differently to various words and emotions that you naturally express during the conversation. For these reasons, the emotionally intelligent avatars are available only at a higher price point

2. Can I customize my own avatar? Can I change its skin color, gender, and clothes?

Not yet, but it is something we are currently working on and excited to bring to you soon.


1. What communication channels are available to my virtual human?

Cocohub is compatible with various platforms which you can read about here.


1. Where is the data stored?

The conversation configuration, and conversation logs, are stored on our servers, but we can turn this off or ship them to a different location. You can view our full privacy policy here.

2. Where can I access the data?
Every conversation that your virtual human had, once you started testing it, is stored in the logs section. Click the logs button on the left navigation bar. You can also export it as a CSV file.
3. How do I export the data?
You can go to the logs, click on your avatar, click “export”, select the channel, dates, and export the data. You will get a CSV file.
4. Can I store the data in a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can integrate it into spreadsheets. Read more here.

5. Can I integrate the data into a database or other systems?

Yes. You can do it with an integration platform like Zapier, but if need help, email us at

6. Does your AI learn from the user?

Only if we’re asked to for specific purposes. Otherwise, we already trained our algorithms on enough data.

7. Do you store information about the user?

All the information you choose to collect is stored only on your account.

8. Where can I store data in the builder?

You can use “Save input” components for saving things exactly as they were said or written, and “Save value” to file different things under different values or categories. Read more here.
1. Where can I see demos or examples of your virtual humans?

You can watch demos of our virtual humans performing various tasks via our YouTube channel here.

2. Can I speak to one of your virtual humans?

Yes. You can speak with Preston, our virtual teaching assistant, Harriette the recruiter, Muscle the fitness coach, Glenn our marketing intern, and more.
Chat with Preston here!

3. Where are you located?
Our headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, but we have employees and friends around the world.

4. How long have you been on the market? was first established in 2020 as a conversational components platform. In the last quarter of 2020, we became the first platform in the world to enable the self-creation of fully conversational virtual humans.

5. Have you received any prizes?

We won the Global EdTech Startup Awards’ regional track as the best EdTech startup in Israel. We were runner-ups in the voice assistants special track, both in Fall 2021, organized by MindCET, an official Bett (largest global EdTech event) partner. We also won the Pitch of the Year in the Sports Tech Nation summit in December 2021.

6. What fields are you specialized in?

Currently, the majority of our virtual humans are working in the education sector. However, we also have virtual humans working in HR, marketing, solar energy, wellness, and their potential is limitless.

7. Is your technology proprietary?

Yes, we’ve created our platform, avatars, and conversational flows.
Partnership and Services
1. Can I become a distributor or sub-contractor for cocohub?

Yes, you can and we embrace this kind of partnership – we already have some of these. Drop us an email, and let’s talk about it –