Introducing Emotionally Intelligent Avatars – Taking Your Digital Human to the Next Level

Digital Human
Digital Human

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Jessica Setbon

Emotional intelligence is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, and understand emotions. In the prior decades, we humans have moved further into the world of technology. Making the question of emotional intelligence in bots and avatars become a significant point of interest. How will we get to the point of conversing with a digital human on the same level as we do with one another? Well, with BeyondVirtuals’ new emotionally intelligent avatars we are now one step closer. 

digital human

What would you consider to be your most powerful tool of communication? The way that you convey your thoughts and emotions. 

Most likely, the first things that came to mind were your voice and expressions. It is not only the words you say, but how you say them. 

Say It With Your Face

The changes in your facial expressions and intonations can change the entire meaning of a simple sentence. For example, think of all the ways you could say “I’m fine.” Saying this while changing the intensity of your stare, or while furrowing your brow, you can imply that you are in fact “fine.” Or possibly very much not “fine” at all. You probably won’t find this surprising, but the face is the most communicative part of the average human figure. Even when passive, your face will impart all sorts of information. When you start moving and speaking your 42 facial muscles come to life conveying even larger amounts of information. 

Imagine what it would take for an avatar to move in a similar way. A simple raise of the eyebrows coming from the listening entity. In this case, the digital human shows how engaged they are in what you are saying.

More Than Words

The second part of communicating is words. Not just simple words, but also pitch, pronunciation, and intonations all come together to engage the listener and ensure clear communication. Again, think of the difference between “I’m fine,” and “I’m FINE!” When you change where the emphasis goes you are also changing the intention of the words. Our emotions are woven into the fabric of communication. That is why it is so important that digital humans can properly use their voices as well as their facial expressions to communicate with humans.

Take Your Digital Human to the Next Level

BeyondVirtual’s new emotionally intelligent avatars are capable of showcasing expressive aspects of facial communication. The avatars are animated to look more realistic and will be capable of showcasing emotions according to the context of the conversation. Much like a real human being, our new emotionally intelligent avatars can convey anger, joy, confusion, and more. 

When you invite your digital human to a face-to-face video chat you have the option to have a very realistic, humanistic interaction. A natural, two-way conversation between a user and a system, comparable to that of a human-to-human one. Facial expressions are imperative for conversation. They are so deeply ingrained in us that it is a subconscious way that we communicate. We don’t notice that we are doing it, but we certainly notice if it is missing. These expressions are extremely important in social interactions to convey important contextual information.

Our new emotionally intelligent avatars don’t miss that beat that most other avatars tend to. This makes conversing with them more comfortable and the conversations flow far more easily. With the ability to express they can more clearly communicate intentions, emotions, and thoughts. Just like us. Now, when you invite your digital human to the e-meeting, you are not just meeting an animation. You are meeting a personality..

Have a conversation with one of our new Emotionally Intelligent Avatars here!