The team

Amit Bohensky

Amit Bohensky

Founder & Chairman
Elir Matatyahu

Elir Matatyahu

Co-founder & CTO

Eran Soroka

Co-founder & CMO

Etai Koren

or eitan

Or Eitan

Back End Developer

Behind the scenes

Yaki Dunietz


Dunitez has been revolutionizing the field of conversational AI for more than two decades. Dunietz, holds degrees in both computer science and in Philosophy of Language, has been a pioneer of Israeli hi-tech since the late 1970s. He founded Mashov Computers, which in turn spawned many publicly traded tech companies, both in Tel Aviv and NASDAQ.

Dan Goldstein


Goldstein is a pioneer of the Israeli software industry. He founded Formula Software Services in 1980, and since then has acquired many other successful companies, such as Mashov Computers, among others. Goldstein partnered and worked with major players in the world of finance, and by the end of the millennium, Goldstein was by far the most prominent technology-oriented entrepreneur in Israel.