What is cocohub?

So if you came here, you must be wondering: what is cocohub?

  Cocohub is a conversational bot-building platform that allows you to easily automate processes with bots, over video voice and text.

  Connect Conversational Components that accomplish a wide range of goals or use one of our pre-made templates, to create a bot.

  Using cocohub, any business or project can create a bot and a conversation with a human-like experience. Here, you build a conversation that suits your needs, with your own tone and voice, personality, and avatar.

  You can use our bots for data collection, Self-serve queries, lead generation and scheduling. In addition, you can create a personalized experience for your students, customers, patients, or specific audience.


what's a bot at cocohub?

A conversation-enabling bot that can communicate in a free-spoken language and join you on video and phone conversations. Our bots understand natural language, respond to different ways of phrasing and leverage pre-built components to support the desired tasks.

What's special about our bots?

Each one of them is comprised of base personality, avatar, brain, and channels.


The engine that fuels the conversation, and represents everything your bot can do. The brain consists of several components that accomplish the conversation goals, tailored together to a conversational flow. Here, it controls the output, analyzes input understanding and drives the conversation forward.


A channel is where others can contact and communicate with your bot, and it dictates the way of doing so. For example, the video channel means your bot is available on video calls, like zoom, google meet, or Facetime.
Additionally, the advantage here is that cocohub allows you to build your bot once and use it on all supported channels- video, phone, and chat. Obviously, your bot’s base personality will be aligned on all channels.


Bot’s personality is determined by the name, voice, and choose Avatar. We let you pick those things out, so it best represents your bot. Everyone of our bots is….brain base personality For your bot to appear on video channels and interact with your users, it needs to look some kind of way, right? So after choosing a name and email address, you’ll choose an avatar. This will be the virtual avatar (and visual representation of your bot).


Conversational Components make chatbot building easier by deconstructing conversations into components. 
All components hold context over multiple turns of  conversation to better engage your users, with logic wired into the conversational flow. All you have to do is incorporate them into your bots.