in the Bett Show 2022: where to meet us


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Eran Soroka

There are things you have to experience first-hand, when your product is such a hit in the EdTech sector. Presenting at the Bett Show 2022 – the world’s largest EdTech event – is one of them. So this week, at the ExCel conference center in London –‘s combination of virtual and actual humans will hit the road.

Over the last few months, was titled a regional track winner at the Global EdTech Startup Awards. Afterwards, we were named the runner-ups in the Voice Assistants Special Track. As a result, you will be able to see us presenting on Wednesday, March 23rd, between 2-4pm, at FS39-FS40, MindCET’s stands at the Bett Futures.

During the Bett Show 2022, you’ll be able to talk with Preston, our virtual teaching assistant, and take on several conversational challenges (as part of the various use cases we have in the education sector). 

Want to have as part of your product, school, University, app, LMS or toolset? Drop us an email at – and join the impressive list of companies and schools that have already built with us.

See you in London… or virtually. We Bett it’s going to be fantastic.