Getting started

Who are we, and how can we help you

Who is cocohub?

So if you came here, you must be wondering: who is cocohub? We are a community of humans, virtual and real, looking to assist you with communication.  The cocohub platform allows you to easily create humanlike avatars with the ability to converse over video, audio, or text. Here, you can also build a conversation that suits your needs; with your own tone, voice, personality, and physical characteristics. You can use your virtual human for data collection, self-serve queries, lead generation, and scheduling. In addition, you can create a personalized experience for your students, customers, patients, or any specific audience.
Virtual Human

What is a cocohub virtual human?

A cocohub virtual human is a conversation-enabling avatar that can communicate in a free-spoken language and join you in video and phone conversations. Our virtual humans understand natural language, respond to different ways of phrasing, and leverage pre-built components to support the desired tasks.

What’s so special about them?

Each one of our virtual humans consists of a base personality, a brain, and access to various channels.

display of 4 virtual humans


When you create your avatar, you will decide on its name, voice, and appearance. We want you to pick those things out, so it best represents you and/or your company. After that, you have the ability to add any characteristics you see fit in the form of a single sentence. This can be anything from a passion for teaching to a favorite food.



This is the engine that fuels the conversation, and represents everything your virtual human can do. The brain consists of several components that accomplish conversational goals, tailored together to a natural flow. Here, it controls the output, analyzes input understanding, and drives the conversation forward.

brain icon


The channels indicate the medium through which your virtual human will communicate. This can be through a video channel, such as zoom, or an auditory one, like a phone call. You only have to create your virtual human once and s/he will then be able to communicate across all channels available within your plan.

After that, you can choose between one of our pre-built templates that will allow you access to various skills appropriate for the job intended. The next step is building your virtual human. Learn how to do that here.