Catch up on the latest Beyond virtual updates, how to’s, and brush up on your conversational AI terminology

Did you know that you can perform mathematical calculations with Beyond Virtual’s virtual humans? This guide shows you how
In this tutorial, we’ll take you step by step while you connect your virtual human to OpenAI – and talk with ChatGPT through Beyond Virtual.
We’ve introduced the long-awaited teacher dashboard and class management system to support teachers and lecturers. Here’s how it looks and works
Can AI-powered virtual humans help students learn how to learn? This was the focus of a recent research project – and the findings were substantial.
A new exercise called The Unheard, built by Beyond Virtual, enables learners to listen to a short story or article – then, to test their knowledge about it. What are the exercise’ advantages?
Meeting the minister; Helping students study how to study; Learning in context in an immersive room; And steppin’ up. June highlights
A pilot conducted with the Israeli Ministry of Education showed a huge confidence boost among students who practiced with Beyond Virtual
We’ve teamed up with Sapir – Israel’s biggest public college – to see how our virtual humans can help their students improve their spoken English skills
Our technology assists students with SEL (social-emotional learning) through English. Here you can read about our methodology, and the SEL skills we help to improve.