Cocohub’s case study: How European Education Services generated 200+ organic leads

case study - cocohub and EES
case study - cocohub and EES

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Eran Soroka

When European Education Services, a consulting agency, searched for a solution – was an ideal fit for them.

EES looked for a platform that would enable them to reach thousands of people looking for working or higher-education visas in Europe. After helping them land hundreds of organic leads through conversational AI, it was a great chance to hear from them about their success story. Here’s what Muhammad Umair from EES told about his experience.

• What was your challenge or the problem EES wanted to solve?

European Education Services Consultancy wants to help international candidates looking for a job abroad, and there were many tedious tasks. Among them, we needed to talk or chat with the candidate, collecting information and contact details. So, Cocohub’s bot solved this problem. Now, we are developing many processes and trying to create a bot that can conduct interviews in the future.
Today we have 15 + Active Facebook pages (here’s one of them, for example), and we have received more than 200 organic leads. Furtherly, we solved many questions of candidates within the last few months.

• Fantastic. How did you hear about Cocohub?

EES team members are actively participating in many events. Once in a while, one of our members participated in a no-code movement event, where we heard about Cocohub. From that day and on, we were using Cocohub actively.

• What were the biggest reasons for choosing us over other services?

Cocohub is user-friendly and cost-friendly. In particular, we loved the feature of voice interactions and commands, and now we even enjoy it more since you introduced the avatars.

Have you tried our how-to’s and tutorials?

How to connect your bot to a phone number?

Video tutorial: how to create your bot’s personality?

How to invite your bot to a video meeting?

How to use and create intents on cocohub?

• How easy were your onboarding and bot-creating process?

The Basic process was damn easy, and the support was awesome. Whenever we were stuck, the Cocohub team helped us to solve it in a few hours. The support, in short, was just incredible.

• What are the most useful features you found on our platform?

The avatar feature is just rocking. Also, the ability to export logs by dates and bots made it even more useful and unique for us.

• Would you recommend our platform to others?

Sure – actually, we even already recommended it to a few other companies interested in chatbots. It’s easy to use, having multiple features and APIs, and the no-code aspect means that we’re not dependent on the core developer.